Why cybersecurity is a strategic issue


When you think of the billions of dollars organizations spend to protect their digital assets, it’s amazing that hardly a week goes by without news of a major security breach. We see not only more attacks, but larger, more complex and targeted incursions on organizations for financial gain. Some enterprises face advanced persistent threats (APTs), a highly sophisticated form of malware that permeates the organization, mutates into variants, remains innocuous and undetected for a long time, and stealthily accesses and transmits corporate assets. The sought-after digital assets include intellectual property (IP), trade secrets, and customer and financial data.

Organizations are having a tougher time mitigating security breaches, and the average financial impact of each breach on an organization is increasing (see Figure 3). What’s more, it’s becoming harder to keep these attacks out of the news. Often, clients or regulatory agencies require companies to disclose breaches; in other cases, attackers themselves distribute the pilfered information online. In many cases, the consequences for organizations can be devastating in terms of lost revenue, impugned reputations and financial repercussions.

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